Friday, June 8, 2012

Lifetime Gym Membership Deal

The Lifetime Fitness in Atlanta near Sandy Springs just opened recently on May 3, 2012. They opened for the founders members and later in the week opened the club to every one else. After opening it appears as though they are pulling members from all of the local clubs including the Forum and the Concourse.

After seeing all 3, I can easily see why. The place is just beautiful and feels like a real club. The pool at Lifetime Fitness also has a resort feel to it. It's perfect for kids which is why I joined.

If you're looking for a deal now on a LifeTime Fitness membership, you won't get a cost per month decrease. The incentives you will get come in the form of LT Bucks or LifeTime gym membership gift cards. At the current time, you can get a $100 LifeTime Fitness gift card when you sign up.

PRINT THIS PAGE AND TAKE IT IN FOR YOUR GIFT CARD. Feel free to call David on the number below for any new deals that may occur.